Fair Program

May 3, 2013Open: 10:30am-6pm


Wythe Hotel, Screening Room

If you’ve ever seen a head of Romanesco cauliflower, you know that food and design have a naturally occurring relationship. Increasingly, city planners, social media developers, artists, and product and graphic designers are using food and eating as inspiration. What is the future of edible design? How can function and flavor work together to improve our lives? Designers are constantly conceiving of new food-focused products, apps, and social platforms that help us make decisions from the micro to the macro. Hear a panel of experts discuss how they use food as subject, today’s most influential food and eating design philosophies, and how their projects are changing the world.

Linyee Yuan, Contributing Editor, Wilder Quarterly
Yego Moravia, HellaCrisis Studio
Chris Lopez-Thomas, Managing Editor, White Zinfandel
Moderated by Kat PopielOn Plate, Still Hungry

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