Fair Program

May 3, 2013Open: 10:30am-6pm


Wythe Hotel, Screening Room

This panel focuses on how food inspires improvements in technology. How can great content and new technology partner to bring information about cooking to a wider audience, driving education and enabling self-advocacy? There is a growing focus on encouraging authors and writers to bring their expertise to new forms of online content through tech and new media. How can that technology help form communities between people with interests throughout food and media?

Jen Pelka, Food Evangelist, Tumblr
Adam Salomone, Harvard Common Press/Yummly
Merrill Stubbs, Co-founder, Food52
Yael RavivKinetic Art
Moderated by
Emilie Baltz, Curator

Book signing: 4:30PM-5:00PM

Merrill Stubbs, The Food52 Cookbook: Volume 2

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